Bespoke solutions for each project

At INGETEK we provide a comprehensive range of services that includes the design, specification, supply and installation of materials, and project execution. Thanks to our team’s experience, we create customized solutions, and provide an unmatched level of attention, accompanying our clients from planning up to the execution of their projects.

High rise building

We carry out the structural optimization and the search for project efficiencies, through high performance steel, and a proposal to build the first phase of construction (foundation and structure). The proposal is carried out through certified specialists in the implementation of reinforcing steel and structures.


  • A single point of contact for the entire project.
  • Savings in cost and construction times.
  • Increased profitable areas.
  • Visibilidad de las condiciones comerciales.

Industrial building

INGETEK carries out the proposals for the design, structural review, specifications and execution of foundation, industrial floor, and concrete flooring and walls.


  • Extensive portfolio of solutions for industrial floors.
  • Qualified team in international construction methods.
  • Analysis and development of project engineering
  • Lower maintenance costs.

Wind farm foundation

INGETEK offers the supply, enablement and installation of reinforcing steel and concrete by means of a certified team in the implementation of these solutions.


  • High performance DEACERO® products.
  • Specializing in complicated AsA forms.
  • A single point of contact for the entire project.
  • Visibility of project advances in real-time.

Rigid pavement

Through a certified and authorized team in the implementation of DEACERO® Reinforcing Steel Solutions, we implement the application ARPAVIM – Reinforced Flooring with DEACERO®, providing greater strength and resistance in the following projects:


  • Flooring without cross joints.
  • Greater user comfort.
  • Less operating costs.
  • Increased durability.

Products and Services

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