We offer comprenhensive solutions and products with the highest quality standards


INGETEK U.S.A. (ITK) is a Deacero Group Company, specialized in rebar fabrication and structural steel products using technology and engineering to deliver high-quality solutions and products.

The use of cutting-edge technologies and innovations is at the heart of our processes and allow us to offer our customer comprehensive solutions and products with the highest quality standards:

Our team has more than 20 years of experience in offering exceptional value for money couple with excellent service to our customers.


Costs Savings

  • Reduction of total material consumption
  • Optimizing the use of labor
  • Cutback in equipment or extra personnel

Time Reduction

  • Decreased downtime
  • Reduction of installation work on-site
  • Just-in-Time Deliveries
  • The production processes at our factories are not disrupted by project delays


To create value in the reinforcement of steel fabrication by integrating innovative engineering methods and leading–edge technologies to offer efficient solutions.


To grow sustainably and become a benchmark of professionalism and quality in the industrialization of rebar and steel solutions.


Cost Savings

Our cost approach offers a reduction in total consumption of steel material, provides efficiency in labor use, and reduction in equipment.

Proven track record of success

At INGETEK, we are specialists in offering rebar solutions. And our qualified Technical Office staff, working in tandem with our industrial and placer teams, provides our clients with the best solutions for delivering their projects.

Time Reduction

Through our innovative processes labor downtime is significantly reduced, off–site prefabrication and installation productivities improved, timely deliveries accomplished, and delay risks minimized.


Through our processes, we establish a tight quality control, focused in the structure’s durability and security, endorsed by the follow-up and control of manufactured parts, and labeled for their traceability.

INGETEK a DEACERO® Group Company

INGETEK is vertically integrated with 3 Steel Mills from Deacero Group, a leading company in the steel industry, ensuring excellence in steel production, quality, and efficiency across the entire value chain, and upholding our commitment with sustainability using 100% recycled.

This support strengthens our operational and technological innovation capacity.


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