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Rebar Supports
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Prefabrication of parts for construction

We manufacture parts in automated machinery with a quantitative control system. We have a variety of line products, industrialized enabled, which leave our plants ready for installation.


Steel rod and round rod to prefabricate the dowel  basket

Dowel bars

Round and smooth steel bar fabricated in different diameters for multiple uses in construction and the industry.


  • Uniformity of steel properties.
  • Compliance with Mexican regulation and SCT specifications.


  • Pavements
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Tied and piled rectangular stirrups

Wire stirrups

¼” Prefabricated wire stirrups for concrete confinement. Manufactured under a strict bent and cut quality control, guaranteeing each piece’s uniformity.


  • Easy storage.
  • Accelerated construction process.
  • Material waste elimination.
  • Improved control over construction inputs.


  • Confinement of reinforced concrete structures such as columns, enclosures, columns, or beams.
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Wrapping mesh before bending and piling, ready for transfer

Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement Cages in Sheets

Electrowelded strucures fabricated with G-60 longitudinal rebar and G-50 smooth stirrups.


  • Ease of handling and transportation.
  • 50% savings rate in material costs compared to traditional rebar.


  • Column and slab construction.
  • Wall confinement.
  • Slab reinforcement.
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Piled up bent wrapping mesh ready for use

Dowel baskets

Device used for moving the load created by the vehicles’ wheels between adjacent slabs in a concrete floor or pavement.


  • Reduced efforts and deflections in pavement joints.
  • Reduced joint failures such as cavitation, cracking, support failure and warping.
  • Extended useful life of concrete pavement.
  • Reduced maintenance cost of concrete pavement.


  • Pavement.
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Wire deck chair shaped in zigzag and longitudinal rods

Slab Bolster (Spacers)

Triangular structure formed by three deformed wires, connected by welding a smooth zig-zag shaped wire every 8 inches.


  • Guarantees position and separation between reinforcement.
  • Accelerates construction time.
  • Reduces on-site labor cost and time.
  • Rigid and tight reinforcement.
  • Provide stability through the pouring of concrete.


  • Slabs.
  • Floors.
  • Walls.
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Piled up bent wrapping mesh ready for use

Prefabricated Steel Reinforcement Cages

Electrowelded strucures fabricated with G-60 longitudinal rods and G-50 smooth stirrups.


  • Savings in labor and material costs compared to traditional rebar.
  • Savings in building and placement time compared to traditional rebar.
  • Waste reduction.


  • Masonry wall columns and enclosures.
  • Slab reinforcement.
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