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Engineering Mesh

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Neutrum® is the Net-Zero product portfolio for DEACERO® Group Company. 100% made with recycled steel, and with one of the most sustainable production process in the world, Neutrum® offsets its already low emissions to achieve neutrality.


A Net-Zero prefabricated assembly for concrete reinforcement that optimizes the required amount of steel and speeds-up the constructive process by its fast placement.


Net-Zero Certified
Savings in material and labor cost
Made to measure
Steel required optimization
Waste elimination
Speed up the construction process





Working on
your LEED®

With Neutrum® you can reach
your sustainability goals.

Aiming for California

Comply with CalGreen Building
Standars with Neutrum®.


By purchasing Neutrum® Engineering Mesh
you are supporting different projects to build
a more sustainable world.

All offsets used to neutralize Neutrum´s remaining emissions are originated in Nature Based projects that have been verified by one or more of the following entities:

How do we offset
the emissions?


By identifying all the emissions produced from cradle to gate.
Including but not limited to those emissions produced by the procurement, manufacture and distribution of raw materials, the production of our products and their final distribution to the customer.

[Accounting Process Certifier]

How do we offset
the emissions?


By supporting projects that remove CO2 from the atmosphere, through Nature Based carbon credits that meet the highest quality standards available in the market.

[Carbon Credits Provider]

[Carbon Credits Transaction Certifier]


The scope of Net-Zero refers not only to which greenhouse gases are included, but also to which activities are covered.
In order to offer the market a full Net-Zero solution, Neutrum products offset three sources of emissions.

Scope 01

Emissions ocurred at the production process.

Scope 02

Emissions associated with the production of energy consumed or used to make the product.

Scope 03

Indirect emissions associated with activities not owned or controlled by a company.

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