Rebar Fabrication building pile cages at Ingetek's plant

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Products, services, and industrialized solutions

INGETEK's mindset is to add value to its customer by providing services and products that contribute to cost reduction and time saving. We use cutting-edge technologies to offer our customers the most cost-effective solutions and the highest quality standards in delivering their projects.

Reinforcing Bar Fabrication and accessories: rebar cut & bent, mechanical splicers, anchorages, rebar pile cages, pier caps, tunnel segments and welded wire mesh.

Rebar Fabrication

Bespoke rebar fabrication services.

Rebar fabrication process is carried out at INGETEK's facilities using a fully automated system defined by a high level of safety and quality standards, high-speed execution times, and just-in-time deliveries.

Structural Steel Fabrication: solar steel frame, transmission towers, and racks.

Structural Steel Products

Enabled structures, towers, racks

We prefabricate structural steel elements, which allows us to cope with our customer needs and contribute to reduce the costs of material, labor intense activities, and use of resources.

Our 2D and 3D products: dowel bars, wire rod stirrup, wrapping mesh, column mesh, dowel basket and deckchairs.

2D & 3D Steel Products

Prefabrication of parts for construction

We manufacture parts in automated machinery with a quantitative control system. We have a variety of line products, industrialized enabled, which leave our plants ready for installation.

DEACERO Reinforcing Steel Solutions We are the only certified installer for DEACERO's Reinforcing Steel solutions

DEACERO® Solutions and Products

We are the only certified installer of DEACERO® Rebar Solutions

Our team has the necessary experience for the implementation of DEACERO® Rebar Solutions.

Ingetek's turnkey services encompass: high rise buildings, industrial units, rigid pavement, and wind farm foundation

Turnkey Services

Tailor-made solutions for each project

At INGETEK we provide a comprehensive range of services that includes the design, specification, supply and installation of materials, and project execution.

We use technology with the aim of offering the best solutions under the maximum quality standards.

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